So you are a successful entrepreneur who has made it big and are now enjoying the fruits of your labour.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I need to hire an executive coach?”

It is not as if an executive coach has an incredible ability to help you bring in more clients or open more doors for your business.

Also, it is not as if an executive coach knows everything about your business and the industry that you are specialised in. If that is true, then he or she is no longer your coach, but your fiercest competitor you need to be wary of.

Nevertheless, a good coach is someone who is able to help you identify your blind spots in your work, and also, help you grow as a person.

As you probably know by now, that statistically, out of every ten businesses that was started up, nine are bound for failure. This is the bleak doze of harsh reality that every optimistic entrepreneur out there needs to know.

While as scary as the statistics can be, you should not be discouraged by it, but to understand that there are ways to work smarter, and of course, not without good counsel and guidance from good coaches.

Here are the 3 reasons why entrepreneurs need to hire an executive coach.

1. You Are Not Perfect

As successful as you can be, you are not perfect, and so is your business. Yet, it is paramount that your service or product is perfect for the current market.

A good coach is trained to detect lies you say to yourself (and denials that you consistently make) as well as helping you identify your blind spots at work. They are also the ones who help you recognise and explore your potentials, while addressing several other issues that may prevent you from achieving your breakthrough in your business.

2. Accountability Is Key

It is without a doubt that you are busy serving your clients and running your business 24/7. Life as an entrepreneur is never a walk in the park. Nonetheless, you may need to have someone to push you and make you accountable for what you do with your life and your business priorities.

3. Gain Fresh Perspectives

While you may be very focused on running your own business, it is probably a challenge for you to take a step back and make time for strategic thinking and to gain fresh perspectives. An executive coach is someone who would help you reflect and think strategically about your future direction for your business; how your employees can best address your company’s visions, and how you can leave a strong impact in the industry you are in.

To do that, executive coaches will be throwing you some of the hardest questions that no one else would dare ask you.

Questions like:
1. What do you really want for your life?
2. Why are you working so hard for your business?
3. What do you really want out of your business?
4. What’s most important to you in your life as an entrepreneur?
5. When are you going to celebrate your success, and how are you going to do that?
6. What kind of impact do you want to make?
7. What sort of legacy do you plan to leave behind?

These are the kind of questions that one needs to take stock and constantly evaluate themselves after each successful breakthrough in their life or business. An executive coach will, therefore, help you think through your business ideas and accelerate your success to another level.

Entrepreneurs also face tremendous stress from many responsibilities that rest solely on their shoulders.

It is also not a surprise that many entrepreneurs are more affected by mental health conditions such as depression and substance abuse, when compared to the general population.

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