Have you been laid off recently? If you have, then I’m very sorry to hear about that. For the past two years or so, much of the world has experienced one of the worst hits of the economic downturn. As such, there were high unemployment and retrenchment rates. For the retrenched, the news can be a huge shock to handle and one reason was because no notice was given prior to the sacking. While we cannot control what happens to us in our external environment, we can still choose how we respond to our situation by following these 3 ways to manage stress after layoff. They are simple yet important to start off with.

3 ways to manage stress after layoff

1. Coming to Terms With Your Layoff

The first way to manage stress after layoff is to come to terms with it.

Coming to terms with your layoff can be mentally challenging, especially when you have been at work for the past many years.

The first thing you really need to tell yourself is that it wasn’t really your fault. Your layoff was more than likely a result of the bad financial state of either your employer or sometimes even the economic environment as a whole.

Looking on the bright side, the fact that the company recruited you some years ago, meant that it was growing at that time, had money to pay you, and expected projects to come in for which they wanted you to work and deliver.

Now that the company is shrinking, has no money to pay you, and does not expect new projects to come in, what would you do if you are the owner of the company? Your first thought will be to cut costs and save the company. So layoffs are as much a part of the business as are recruitments.

Furthermore, being laid off is in no way an indication of your lack of talent. Rather, it is the company that went down the wrong path and can no longer afford you.

Therefore, accept the layoff as something which is a natural part of employment these days.

2. Have a Positive Attitude

The second way to manage stress after layoff is to have a positive attitude.

After coming to terms with the layoff, the next thing to do is to think ahead. Start thinking positive that you will get your next job, so that you can actually pick yourself up, and work towards it with positive energy, and then eventually get the job once again.

If you cannot think of anything positive, then take a moment to consider this thought: A person is much more (and larger) than the job he does.

Who you are as a person on the whole is important! Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep yourself in good mental health at all times by engaging in meaningful activities.

Some of these examples are:

  • Going for a swim and other exercises
  • Go to the movies with a close friend or two
  • Do hobbies together with people matters to you
  • Spend time with your family and loved ones
  • Join self development courses or programs to keep your emotions/thoughts in check

3. Meditate

The third way to manage stress after layoff is to meditate.

Meditation calms your mind and makes it more amenable to choosing the thoughts which you want it to delve in. Studies have also shown that meditation has positive effects on the brain, and helps prevent many physical illnesses like cancer and heart diseases.

If you can refocus your mind on the positives, you will not only be able to motivate yourself to turn around and recover what you lost, but also even aim higher.

In this effect, the lay-off can even be a blessing in disguise. You can relax and recollect yourself mentally. It gives you that necessary break from the mad rat race which you were running in. Just like the Formula One car racers need a pit-stop to regain their footing, you can think of your layoff period as your pit-stop, where you allow your mind (and body) the time it needs to recuperate.


These are the three simple yet vital steps to take in order to stay sane in this ever stressful world and of course, to better manage your layoff stress during these tough times.

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Manage Stress After Layoff
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