Monday — If this is the day that sends a chill down your spine as you go to work on Monday morning, you are not alone! Many people are not a fan of their work, and you don’t have to be troubled by this dreadful feeling every Monday.

How to beat Monday blues in 12 effective ways?

1. Be Positive

It is easier said than being or doing something positive on an early Monday morning. But you don’t have to wait until Monday arrives before taking action. Use your Sunday to do something productive like going for a workout, spend time with your friends over coffee, or organise a family gathering to catch up with one another.
In addition, you need to keep yourself energised on a Monday morning to get to an upbeat and pumped-up state. This is what Tony Robbins referred to as “Peak state”, and peak performance require being in a peak state. The more you find yourself productive at work, the more you will feel good about yourself. So start appreciating your Monday and get energised! One way is to plug in to upbeat music on your way to work.
Don’t listen to people’s Monday gripes and complaints. Your contribution to their grumpiness are not going to improve your attitude either.

2. Ask What’s Wrong

It is normal to feel blue since the start of the work week begins right after a lazy Sunday. However, if your Monday Blues occur almost every week, it is probably a sign that you are unhappy at work, and you need to address it or move on and find another job. According to Sutton Fell, making a list of the things that you are unhappy with about your job can help you identify your struggles, such as a negative co-worker, a meeting on a Monday morning, or a challenging task waiting for you at work. She said that writing it down can empower you to take charge of your life and help you be proactive in finding solutions to improve your situation.
Here are some things to ponder over:
– Am I happy with my career?
– Do I enjoy the company of my co-workers?
– Do I feel appreciated at work?
– Is there challenge in what I am doing?
– Is the passion still there?
– Am I heard?

3. Prepare or Complete Your Tasks The Week Before

Mondays can be stressful when you realise that your work has been piling up since the previous week. This can pose a challenge in the coming week as you try to jump back in to this mess.
To help combat this anxiety on a Monday, make notes of some of those dreadful tasks you need to do on Friday before you get off work. Ensure that you have no unpleasant or challenging tasks awaiting you on your Monday morning either by making that uneasy phone call, or resolve certain issues hanging over your head the week before. You will feel a lot better when Monday arrive.
Don’t have a calendar? Get one. You have it on your smartphone now, so go sign up and start writing your schedules and tasks on your e-calendar. The key is to get prepared for Monday.

4. Take It Easy On Your Monday Schedule

Alright. I know that Mondays can sometimes be a busy day for you and for all of us. One good strategy is to keep it simple and take it easy on yourself.
Avoid dealing with complex and challenging tasks early on Mondays, but instead, spread your tasks across the week so that your Mondays can be spared from becoming too tight for you to handle. If you plan ahead to make your Mondays easier, your transition to the workweek ahead will be much more comfortable, and less stressful.

5. Make a List for Monday Morning

Your mornings are precious. Between 8am to 10am is the period when your cortisol level is high. Make use of this time to accomplish your tasks you have set for yourself beforehand. To complete these tasks with ease and less anxiety, try making a to-do list on Sunday evening. This will put you in a more positive mood as you look forward to completing those tasks you are setting yourself to do the next day. If you find yourself stuck in making your to-do list, it is time to take charge of your life and make some changes.

6. Lunch Out With Friends or Make Lunch An Event

Lunch on Mondays is not for you to stay in office eating your sandwiches, or your salads, or your sushis. Make it a priority to go out for lunch, either with your friends or co-workers (scheduled in advance of course), or reward yourself with better-tasting food by yourself on your Monday lunch. Spending time with your co-workers or friends at lunch is a great way to share your stories of how you spent your weekend, and to strengthen your inter-office network. When you spend your lunch on your own, reward yourself with food that is of higher quality (i.e. healthier choice) to boost your morale and to gain sufficient energy for the coming week ahead.

7. Brighten Up Someone Else’s Day

Your Mondays do not have to be days when you feel bad al the time. Take the opportunity to say something nice and affirm your friends or co-workers. This helps perking up the mood of others around you. Do this at work and not only will it brighten up the atmosphere, but it will definitely yield great results like improving productivity and morale of everyone in the team.
Start making someone’s day by sending compliments to a co-worker or friend, or doing something nice and considerate to a stranger or a client. When someone else is happy, you will also feel good!

8. Dress For Success

If you want to feel better, you dress better. In fact, you dress your best! Put on something that you like wearing or whatever that makes you feel happy. Dress up, show up, and be ready to feel good and be positive, so that many others around you can respond the same way as well. If you dress well on a Monday, you build yourself the confidence you need to get on with your day at work. People will notice you as you stand out from the Monday-blues crowd. I’m telling you, if you do this, you will be magnetic, charismatic, and attractive!

9. Rest. Rest. Rest!

Weekends are best days to get some sleep. Go to bed early, especially on a Sunday night and be sure to get sufficient sleep in order to feel well-rested. If possible, try getting up earlier on Mondays so that you can grab your breakfast in time and spend a short period of ‘me-time’ before arriving at your office. The key thing here is for you to have a smooth and easy transition from a weekend to a workweek mentality.
If this is you in the picture, then you need more rest!

10. No Work For The Weekend

While it can tempting to check your work e-mail over the weekend to know what is awaiting you, it is best to avoid this! Checking your work e-mail is work per se, and you should not be working over the weekend. Take it easy and enjoy your days off!
Weekends are short so if you cut it shorter by working your arse off, what is the odd that your Monday blues would not return? Plenty!

11. Have Post-Work Plans

Your Monday is not just a day for you to get it over with, but you need to look forward to something better and more rewarding after work. Plan a gathering with your friends or co-workers to go out for dinner at your favourite venue. You can also arrange with your friends to watch a movie, play sports, or even go for some exercise. Go ahead, reward yourself after work!

12. Talk To A Friend Or A Loved Ones About Your Blues

If you have attempted all of the above and still feeling the blues, try sharing your troubles with someone whom you trust and is closer to you. Sometimes, we may not know the reasons why we are feeling crestfallen or demoralised when it is time to go to work on Mondays. Your conversation with the people whom you rely on in times of need can perhaps be of good help. Seek professional counselling where necessary. See a doctor if you start experiencing symptoms of fatigue, general anxiety, or prolonged sadness that lasted for more than seven days consecutively.
Your mental health is vital if you want to perform well at work and in your life. Start taking charge of your life today. Set achievable and measurable goals. Plan your day and responsibilities beforehand. Be willing to pay it forward and brighten other people’s day. Dress sharp and look smart. Love and reward yourself whenever you can. You are, after all, your best asset to your very own success!
Now, it’s time for you to beat the blues!