Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day that is celebrated in many countries across the world. On this day, February 14th, is a time to share a gift with someone you love (or like). Though the very subject (or object) of our affection may be a romantic partner or spouse, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a general celebration of love, of which people show affection to the ones who matter to them.

But, what is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that you can give to your significant other? Selecting the perfect gift for someone you love or like is never easy. Especially when you have to consider the person’s gender, age, their closeness to you in the relationship, and also your budget.

To be honest, there is no such thing as “the perfect gift” because giving to someone has to come from the heart. As long as you are sincere with your gift, it doesn’t really matter how much you spent on it. Cliche as it may sound but, it is the thought that really counts.

How to Pick the Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for each Enneagram Type


Enneagram Type 1 – The Perfectionist

First of all, please choose the PERFECT gift for them. Jokes aside, be VERY attentive to what he or she likes. For flowers, pay attention to the details like the flower’s name, the colour of the petals, the way the flowers are arranged in the bouquet and the number of flowers she (or he) likes. Choose flowers that are perfectly formed and arranged neatly with elegant yet simple decorations (ribbons etc). Don’t overdo anything. Just get something simple, yet classy and of high-quality. If you are getting a card, pick up a Valentine’s Day card with perfectly shaped corners, neatly pressed and designed (not too messy on the cover), and write your lovely note in it. Tell your significant other how Good he or she is, and how deserving he or she is for being your Valentine. And please, BE EARLY for your date!

Enneagram Type 2 – The Giver

It is the thought that really counts for the Giver. It may be impressive for you to send him or her expensive or branded gifts, but without much effort or sincerity, it is of no meaning to them. For this, you need to put a lot of your effort into personalising your gift to give your Type Two significant other. Write a personal heart-felt note, and also, get a card that is originally made (either by you or a customised card) to show sincerity. Overall, he or she would want you to go beyond just the simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” message. Say something else, and just go the extra mile to make them feel so loved (or admired) by you.

Enneagram Type 3 – The Achiever

Give them something priceless, which money cannot buy. Spend quality time with him or her by doing something engaging yet helping them stay young and attractive. A few examples, go for a hike to conquer a mountain; getting a certificate in scuba diving; having a romantic meal at an interesting restaurant that is new to him or her et cetera. If you need to give a card, purchase it from somewhere prestigious and well known.

Enneagram Type 4 – The Individualist

For Individualists, you need to be original, because they love uniqueness and surprises. The principle here is that she (or he) is longing for the day (Valentine’s Day) to come, and thou shalt not disappoint. Whatever you do — sing, dance, cook, write, compose, or paint — create something special and out of this world for your significant other. The crazier and extraordinary it is, the more they would love it. Now, go ahead and surprise her (or him)! All the best!

Enneagram Type 5 – The Observer

As a Five, I can say that we are pretty Spartan (or self-sufficient). Although we may appear to be not wanting much in life, deep down we do appreciate people who give gifts with sincerity and deep thought. For observers, pay close attention to his or her interests or obsessions. Hint: Fives love to read and appreciate anything that has deep meaning and is philosophical. Give something that he or she didn’t know existed (like an antique or something of limited edition). That will probably do.

Enneagram Type 6 – The Loyalist

Many Loyalists are warm and sentimental by nature. They hold on to experiences and the things that they associate with the people whom they have spent time with all these while. If your significant other is the Loyalist, create or purchase something for him or her that reminds the person of the time you both had together. For example, you may create a photo collage or just place old pictures into a photo frame, then write something sweet and memorable to your significant other.

Enneagram Type 7 – The Adventurer

Giving gifts to the Adventurer is truly an adventure in itself. Like many other people, you need to capture what he or she fancy before Valentine’s Day come around. If you are getting gifts for him or her, give something that he or she does not know about yet. One example is that you may want to get him a new music album of his favourite artist that has not yet been released locally. Another example is that you may want to bring her to try one of the very best restaurants in town which they have not heard of.

Enneagram Type 8 – The Challenger

Beneath the bossy image of a Type Eight, is a tender-hearted Type Two, who appreciates a sincere gift from their significant other. If you are buying flowers, give her (or him) lots of them in a bouquet. If you are dining out with this significant other, bring her (or him) to have a fabulous dinner and then a fantastic time between yourselves.

Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacemaker

People of this type are slightly easier to please because they are accommodative and easy-going. In addition, they like to collect things. Therefore, pay special attention to the things he or she collects. Doing so will send the message that you notice and care for him or her. Be creative. If you are giving a card as a gift, give it together with his or her favourite thing(s). He or she will tend to appreciate it very much.

That’s all ladies and gentlemen! Go ahead, and surprise your lovers and significant others! Have a very pleasant and lovely Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.