While keeping your job may give you less hassle of finding a new one, it is not advisable for you to remain at the same level of where you are at work. Beware of inertia!

The more workplaces you experience, the more skills and abilities you will eventually hone in the process as you move from one job to another. Perhaps, this is one of the many reasons most younger professionals quit their job just to gain enough skills and experience in their career.

However, there are some tell-tale signs that it may well be the best time to quit your job.

Here are 5 great reasons to quit your job even though it’s your passion:

Reason #1. Nobody at work wants to mentor you

We all need guidance in life, and therefore the need for a coach or mentor at work is to help us manoeuvre our path to success in our workplace. Without coaching and the guidance of a mentor at work, not only will it be very difficult to learn the ropes fast, but rising up the ranks would be close to impossible.

If you lack a mentor at work to model after, even when you have been working for a few years now, it could be a sign that this job is not the right fit for you. Time to look for the next job where you will be more valued and appreciated.

Reason #2. Your ideas were brushed aside (and you’re sick of it)

Big organisations are generally guilty of doing this. This is because when ideas from the ground level were brought upstream to the upper management level, most of them tend to fizzle off when they arrive at the middle management level (because these ideas were either scrutinised or ignored). Hence, this makes it very difficult for regular employees to innovate and create influence within the organisation although some ideas could have had positive impact for the company.

If you find yourself sick of this drama and political struggle, consider working for a start-up instead, where your ideas are usually taken into consideration.

Reason #3. Tension between you and your colleagues or boss(es)

Some workplaces have very poor working dynamics, where there are bitter strife and competitions among colleagues, and the bosses are manipulative, narcissistic, or simply Trump-like domineering.

While it is normal for anyone to not get along well with a few people at work, it is not normal when things go out of hand, such as when bullying, bitter rivalries, or backstabbing occur at work. On the other hand, for instance, it is normal if your boss holds authority over your reporting time at work, but it is certainly not normal if you sense that your boss does not trust you for being honest with your working hours.

If you ever find yourself involved in bitter office politics or trapped within the claws of your paranoid and nit-picking boss (or bosses), you probably deserve a healthier working environment. Quit before you lose your sanity!

Reason #4. No way to advance or grow in your company

Someone above you is not likely to leave the company or his (or her) position. This is going to cause you to feel a sense of inertia when you have worked in that same company for several years. Be wise. Life is too short to wait for a promotion or pay raise that will take a miracle to occur. Leave for another company before you lose your passion in what you are doing.

If you like, you can start your own business!

However, do not start building your business until you have a great idea, or a reliable partner, and a stable financial net worth to start off with. Being your own boss is never as easy as you imagine. It is also unwise to quit your job before starting your own business on the side first.

Reason #5. You have built a profitable business in line with your passion

Like I said, you should not quit your job while starting a business. However, when your business starts to grow and profit from the system you have created, this will be the time to throw the letter of resignation on the boss’ table.

I completely understand how that feels like — adrenaline rush that is priceless, and a head full of screaming phrases such as “freedom!”

5 Great Reasons to Quit Your Job Even Though You Are Passionate About It
Quitting your job like a boss

It is no doubt important that you weigh the pros and cons of keeping your job. Likewise, it is also crucial to determine when you should leave before you run out of passion.

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