In my years of counselling and coaching experience, I have encountered various clients with different needs and challenges. There were successful cases, yet on the other hand, there were those who failed to accomplish what they had originally planned to achieve.

Pursuing your goals and ambition is never easy because there are several barriers that we need to overcome when we go out into the world and face the harsh reality.

Firstly, we need to overcome the barrier of the environment. Is our environment healthy or conducive enough to help us accomplish our goals?


Secondly, we need to overcome the barrier of the tasks. To get to our goals, there are steps we should take to accomplish them. The question is, are those steps too difficult or impractical?


Thirdly, and most importantly, we need to overcome the barrier of the mind. Our mindset ultimately determines the outcome of our achievements. If you have a good plan, but failed to motivate yourself towards achieving it, it will still fail either because you did not set your focus on the goals or you are too lazy to even bother.


To elaborate, many of these unhelpful habits or attitude (including those mentioned above) usually result from the kinds of limiting belief that many individuals hold in their lives. And these negative beliefs are what held them back from achieving anything great.

8 limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life

#1. I’m not smart or talented enough.

#2. I’m not rich and never will I have enough money.

#3. I screw things up all the time – I’m a failure.

#4. I’m fat and unattractive.

#5. I’m just not good at __________.

#6. People do not like me.

#7. I don’t have the time to do this.

#8. It’s impossible.

Now, whether you have been going through a tough time at work or in your personal life; whether you have been experiencing negative thoughts like those above that are holding you back from achieving what you want…

I want you to think about some of these key questions as you look at each of those individual statements above:

1. Who told you that?

a) Did the person ever tell you about it? How?

b) Was the statement made very clear to you from whomever who told you?

2. Is the statement true, and how can you prove it?

3. When was the last time you felt that any of those statement was not true about you?

a) If there was a time, what had happened for you to know that the above statements were not relevant to you because they are not true in the first place?

4. Are you the only one feeling this way?

a) If not, who else around you are?

b) If you know some people who felt this way, how then did they overcome?

Have you found some answers on your own self reflection?

If necessary, take your time away from what you are doing and give yourself a break. Start picking up a new hobby or be part of an interest group that allows you to do the things you love to do. Your mind needs a break and it will start to function optimally once you get back to work.

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