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When it comes to making your decision on what career path to embark on, your personality is an important component to consider. The first step is to determine what you Enneagram type is.

To find out your Enneagram type, simply complete this test here.

I realised that many websites have discussed about this subject on career pathways for various Enneagram types. Their descriptions were either very general or may not be very accurate. This entry will explore some of the expectations that the Enneatypes have in terms of looking for a suitable career path.

Enneagram Type 1

ONEs have an incredible ability to remember facts and useful information. They are great with details, fixing mistakes, creating structure, and getting to the bottom of what is wrong. This is the reason why they are constantly looking out for things to improve and “fix” at work.

When it comes to working for a company, Ones care about the company’s corporate culture and reputation. They are looking out for certain standards within the company that meet their ideals with regards to the work they do. Not only does it have to be stable, consistent, and structural to a certain degree, Ones are also expecting colleagues and managers to be hard working, fair, and mindful of the quality of work they produce.

A 9-to-5 job is made for the Ones, no doubt about that. They generally thrive at the “typical office” environment. However, because they are known for their orderly, neat and consistent way of doing things, Ones can also be good entrepreneurs.

Suitable Career Paths: Legal Professionals, Secretary/Personal Assistant, Accountant, Broker, Financial Planner/Consultant, Manager, Computer/Software Programmer, Technical Writer.

Careers to Avoid: Sales, Artist, Designer, Entertainer, Radio DJ

Enneagram Type 2

TWOs need to love and be loved. They want to make a significant difference into people’s lives by making them feel appreciated and cared for. However, Twos tend to be overly generous, selfless, and caring, which can be their ultimate undoing. This is because, Twos will generally become upset at others whom they have helped but failed to reciprocate.

This is one reason why Twos were mistaken to be suitable for careers relating to the helping profession. They spend a lot of time building rapport and thinking about how they can serve others to make them feel comfortable. Such career for them might push them beyond their limits, and burn outs can occur if they do not look after themselves!

Instead of helping people directly, focus on helping people indirectly. Twos can do this by working for a company that shares a cause they believe in. It has to be a company that treats their employees and clients with care, and provide necessary support to the ones who need it. Their main career goal is that they have to feel that their work makes other people happy and appreciated.

Suitable Career Paths: Teaching professionals, Tutoring, Retail and Salesperson, Chef, Bartender, Waiter/Waitress, Hospitality professionals, Nurse, Designer, Paramedic, Firefighter, Dating Coach, Wedding Planner, Caterer.

Careers to Avoid: Legal professionals, Auditor, Prison Warden, Correctional Counsellor, Attorney, Security professionals.

Enneagram Type 3

THREEs hate to be stagnant in life. They want to know that they are getting somewhere and being somebody of good status and reputation. Threes secretly want others to envy their lifestyle and the accomplishments they achieved in their life. In short, they seek recognition and so a mere employee is not the position they would be contented with after working for some time.

Threes work hard for the opportunity of career advancement. This is what makes them competitive, result-driven, potential workaholics, and often associating themselves with the “winning group”.

Suitable Career Paths: Salesperson, Public Relations, Entertainer, Performer, Modeling profession, Training profession, Insurance agent, Management Consultants (only to an influential or reputable company), Political activist, Inspirational Writer, Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach and Life Coach.

Careers to Avoid: Librarian, Clerk, Biomedical Scientist, Mechanic, Technical Writer, Research/Laboratory Scientist, Factory Worker

Enneagram Type 4

FOURs tend to be idealists and dreamers, who may have hard time finding meaning in the job that they are working in. They often feel that they don’t fit in, because they tend to feel that the people around them are either shallow or abrasive, working only for money, and that kind of attitude is not personally fulfilling to a Four.

The kind of career that Fours are looking for has to be special and meaningful. At the same time, Fours seek a career path that helps them to express themselves authentically, and tap into their creative and artistic talents.

Fours value originality and self-expression in the work they do. Therefore, Fours would thrive in a company with such environment for them as they work.

Suitable Career Paths: Psychologist, Health Practitioner, Actor/Actress, Marriage Counsellor, Life Coach, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Artist, Fiction Writer, Fashion Designer, Dance Instructor, Missionary

Careers to Avoid: Trader, Financial Consultant, Accountant, Military professionals, Security professionals, Legal professionals, Managerial roles.

Enneagram Type 5

FIVEs are the most introverted of all Enneagram types. They lack emotional appeal due to their reserved and detached disposition. Therefore, Fives would likely find it hard to be happy in a career that deals with constant engagement with people. Fives generally have certain disdain for crowds and excessive noise, and as such one would hardly find a Five in such places.

Fives are natural hermits. They are reclusive and prefer to be given sufficient personal space at work to perform their tasks independently. Fives also crave mental stimulation, and a sense that they are accomplishing something worthwhile in a profession that allows them to impart their knowledge and fact-based understanding.

Boring, stale environments that limits their growth would turn a Five away.

Suitable Career Paths: Engineering professionals, Environmental Planner, Astronomer, Scientists, Professor, Game and Software Designer, Researcher, Technical Support, Website Administrator, Management Consultant (especially on strategic planning)

Careers to Avoid: Sales, Actor/Actress, Fashion Designer, Professional Athlete, Recruitment professionals

Enneagram Type 6

SIXes make a very good long-term employee. This is because they have no problem feeling insecure as long as there is a job for them that pays them reasonably well.

Sixes do not like the feeling of not knowing when their next paycheck will come, because this gives them a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. They prefer to be safely employed then to be one of those dreaded unemployed individuals on in the streets.

Of course, Sixes want to work in a company that they feel they can fit in. They are looking for colleagues whom they can work well with. They crave for sense of belongingness when choosing the company they work for. In short, work has to be safe and secure for the Sixes to feel happy.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, no jobs are safe and secure. Sixes have to learn how to adapt and move out of their comfort zone by taking calculated risks.

Suitable Career Paths: Banker, Paralegal, Safety Inspector, Actuarial Scientist, Financial Aid Counsellor, Security professionals, Civil Service, Technical Support, Admin Assistant, Personal Assistant, Credit/Loans Counsellor, Human Resource Practitioner, Insurance Underwriter

Careers to Avoid: Journalist, Travel Blogger, Investment Banker, Actor, Pilot, Freelance professionals, Startup/Business Owner

Enneagram Type 7

SEVENs long to be constantly stimulated and have some sort of ongoing adventure they are passionate about. They are upbeat, energetic, and fun individuals who may have difficult time finding the right career for themselves. The truth is, they hate to settle in a job and commit for the long-haul. A 9-to-5 job isn’t made for them, unfortunately.

Fun is one of their biggest life mottos and to be tied down to a job doing routine things over and over often bores them to death. That is the reason why many Sevens have job-hopped around quite a bit. Sevens like to experience all that life has to offer, and that’s why they hate missing out on such life experiences, thus end up wearing many hats in the process.

Suitable Career Paths: Serial Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Travel Guide, Travel-Writer, Musician, Artist, Food Connoisseur, Comedian, Park Ranger, Professional Athlete, Dancer, Photographer, Professional Gambler, Nightclub DJ, Radio Host, Entertainer

Careers to Avoid: Civil Service, Legal professionals, Accountant, Doctor, Customer Service Representative, Librarian, Financial Counsellor, Office Clerk (avoid anything office-like)

Enneagram Type 8

EIGHTs hate being controlled. They like to take charge and be responsible for making important decisions that others are unwilling or not brave enough to make. They are what we call, the natural leader or the fieldmarshal.

Eights are bold and brutally honest because they care less of what people think of them. They are individuals full of integrity and they can be trusted to get the job done independently. This makes them suitable for managerial positions.

Suitable Career Paths: C-Suite Executives, Career Counsellor, Organizational Psychologist, Human Resource Manager, Marketing Manager, Politician, Market Strategist, President, Director of Sales, Business Owner, Business Manager, Event Coordinator, Advertising Executive

Careers to Avoid: Clerk, Delivery Driver, Taxi Driver, Quality Checker, Cleaner, Waiter/Waitress, Retail Representative, Insurance Agent, Security Guard, Social Worker

Enneagram Type 9

NINEs are very laid back and prefer a slow-paced environment with a lot of comfort. They tend to avoid places with too many insensible rules and unreasonably harsh people. When faced with such things at work, Nines may withdraw and not work at all. Unfortunately, this is the way that the corporate world function. So if Nines want to look for job satisfaction, they would have to look elsewhere and avoid those 9-to-5 office jobs.

Nines look out for structure in a workplace. They also look for work environments that are conflict-free, stress-free, and have reasonable work-hours.

Suitable Career Paths: Writer, Artist, Designer, Musician, Private Tutor, Retail Clerk, Salesperson, School Counsellor, Teacher, Professor, Veterinarian, Animal Trainer, Delivery Driver, Film Editor, Travel Blogger

Careers to Avoid: Government Agent, Security professionals, Investment Banker, Waiter/Waitress, Telemarketer, Managerial roles for large company, Secretary, Personal Assistant

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